About Us

Martinez Services, Inc. is a family owned business, which was founded based on our passion for design and construction and the people who work in this industry. At Martinez Services, Inc. we are in this industry because we love what we do. We enjoy working with multidisciplinary teams and take pride in the ongoing relationships we have developed with our clients, many of whom we now consider friends.

Our clients include various branches of the Federal Government, Design/Build construction companies and residential development companies. One of our company’s strengths is that we understand the importance of good relationships with our clients no matter the size of the project, their organization, or the size of their company. We have built a reputation for delivering our services under demanding schedules and challenging project requirements.

Our experience covers a wide range of client and project types. Our engineers and staff can provide expertise on projects ranging from studies and planning to infrastructure and building design through construction management and commissioning.

Service is at the core of our industry and what we provide. At Martinez Services, Inc., our goal is to provide the highest level of service to you and your project. As high-quality service means different things to different people, at the beginning of each project we will discover what it means to you. With no preconceived notion, we are able to establish the goals and expectations for each project we take on.

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