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The following projects were completed under design/build contracts with various federal government agencies. Martinez Services, Inc., under our former name, JF Jones Company, provided lead design and design project management services for these projects. All projects included preconstruction and bidding concept design, design and design approval through the federal agency and construction phase services. Renovate Telecommunications Building, Beale AFB, CA. – Project was the complete renovation of the main telecommunications hub for Beale and Travis Air Force Bases. The work included complete demolition and reconstruction of the interior of the building to meet current base needs and design standards. 

Gymnasium Renovation and Upgrades, Port Hueneme, CA – Design/build project to renovate the historic gymnasium building at Port Hueneme. Work included structural analysis of the removal of intermediate ceiling systems and analysis of exterior framing for the renovation. 
 Building 126 Heating and Boiler Replacement, Petaluma, CA – Design/build project to renovate the boiler and heating systems for the training kitchen and dormitory facility at the Coast Guards Training Facility in Petaluma. 

 MCON P‐600, Launch System and Hangar Renovation, San Nicolas Island, CA – Design/build project to construct a new launch platform and to construct a clean, missile assembly facility at the Navy’s San Nicolas Island, a remote island off the coast of southern California. 
 Building Demolition and Hazardous Materials Removal, San Nicolas Island and Naval Base Ventura County, CA – Design/build project to remove 16 abandoned structures from San Nicolas Island and 33 abandoned structures from Naval Base Ventura County (Port Hueneme and Point Mugu.) 
 MRAP Training Facility, Marine Ground Training Facility, Twentynine Palms, CA – Design/build project to install two roll-over training simulators for the Marine Corps. 

K1‐A Fence Segment, El Paso, TX – Design/build project to design and construct 1.1 miles of new border fence along the Rio Grande River in downtown El Paso, Texas. The project was a fast-track project that required the design and construction to be completed in 120 days. 

K2‐C Gate Installation, El Paso, TX—Design/build project to install new gates along a 10-mile sec􏰀on of existing border fence. 
 Solar Arrays and Telecommunications Towers, US Navy Ranges, Southern California—Design/ Build project to analyze and design new communications tower foundations, site improvements and solar arrays for remote mountain-top sites throughout the Navy’s aerial ranges in Southern California. 


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