U.S. State Department

US Temporary Consulate, Mazar-e-Sharif, Afghanistan – Construction management and project management for this project to renovate a 1930’s era hotel for use as a temporary consulate facility for the US State Department and OBO. Staff was in charge of overseeing several construction managers that were completing the construction with local construction workers, facilitating and organizing all the project close out and commissioning activities and managing change order negotiations with the government. The work included new building structures, completed on-site utility system construction and start-up, installation of blast-resistant windows and doors, new security systems and installation of US standard fire sprinkler and alarm systems.

Worldwide Security Upgrade Program, US Department of State, Various Locations Worldwide –Project Management for security upgrades for U.S. Embassies on a $200 million Department of State Security Upgrade Program. Representative aspects of projects included (1) Physical Security: compound access control facilities, perimeter fencing, active and passive vehicle crash protection systems, hardened facilities, and door/window retrofits; and (2) Technical Security Systems: A/C power distribution, upgrade of existing and installation of new door controls; CCTV; personnel screening (WTMDs and X-rays); detection and deterrent systems; Wheelock emergency notification; and installation of imminent danger notification systems. Coordinated with the Department of State and Physical and Technical Security A/E’s to develop site specific scopes of work using Department of State Design Compendium Standards. Led engineering survey teams to evaluate existing conditions, coordinated with on-site State Department representatives, and developed specific security upgrade scopes of work. Developed project execution plans for construction integrating design, material procurement, scheduling, personnel, logistics, and site specific phasing and site utilization concerns. Throughout the construction phase, coordinated activities including design issues, quality control, safety, material procurement, and scheduling. Responsible for initial action, A/E and State Department coordination, proposal efforts, and change orders associated with RFI’s.


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